What Is Your Excuse?

by The Meaning Of

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The award winning debut album from Perth's The Meaning Of


released December 19, 2003



all rights reserved


The Meaning Of Perth, Australia

Perth's best kept secret The Meaning Of bring a sonic bedlam full of diversity delivering bone crunching grooves, tribal percussion, stirring didgeridoo, ambience & memorable melodies creating their own distinct niche in the Australian rock landscape.

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Track Name: Whoever Said We Were Leaving?
You just called to say your fine
I thought you called to say your mine
Now this is not why I became
Then you left your heart in the burning sun
Then we washed our hands in the pouring rain
Dissect your life through frame by frame

All you had to do was say the word
But what you said was so absurd
I’m tired of asking you the reasons why
When we’ve been through this so many times
Now I’ll just rest here a little while and look for messages in the sky

Whoever said we were leaving?

You just called to say your mine
But I found mine somewhere back in time
So tell me what it was you had to gain
When you left your heart in the burning sun
And when we washed our hands in the pouring rain
Dissect your life through frame by frame

Short memory
It’s now out of perspective
Once we were kings!
I’m sorry, what was your name?
Once confused
Strength came from the lake that drowned so many
We will come for you when you’re not ready
Give me spring crystals
Give me the morning
For I shall not become what the people ask
I was born shameless
Undecided grew the partially clothed angel
Has heaven departed with your fine company?
Time has been known to go so slow
What’s the reason when you said for me not to go?
Whoever said we were leaving?
Track Name: Bay Of Martyrs
I woke with a prick from a thorn to my middle finger
It may have been the rose I dreamt of last night maybe a reminder
The car steamed toward me like an angry rhino
The trees stood in rows like soldiers
And the hawks father he mated with the wind.
The bay of martyrs laughed as we came to stare
“Do you have no home?”
“Then why do you walk?”
He gave you the answer so you broke all his fingers
What is the chances of me now being taught
Just like the last time the saviour was in my mind
Normal people
What is normal people?
The bull will bear his horns when he wishes to charge
Until then you may put your cape away
Track Name: Pale Sky
Why do you flicker to my eye?
Do I deserve your attention?
You stand motionless chained and bolted to a sky that doesn't rain
I will not change
My mind rained blood
That brought the flood that killed so many
I'm just a man
Not a god
My head aches from a past memory
A slain knight and a raped girl at nightfall
Why do I cry for?
I was hung
I was shot and inflamed
I've had so many lives
I've forgotten my names

It will be my time
One minute if you please
I'll give you the one reason you need to be completely released
Chant softly in my ear
I feel our demons are near
How could that be in the pale green light
I got a glimpse of your fear it was,
She was well awake,
Are you scared? Of course
Well, now on with the show
Oh my god, is that snow?
Ba dow ...
But we are all indoors and the wind blows a gale
But anything is possible
Where the sky is so pale
The Pale Sky

I smashed my watch that was in my pocket
It cost a million bucks
Oh well Fuck it!
I burned all bridges to every road that leads out
Now I must swim in the waters of doubt

A light tied upside down in a cage was tempting death

Where the fuck are my socks?!
They're in the fucking corner
Oh, I,
I couldn't see them
Oh, I,
I got mad for no reason

I can complain
You are pouring freezing rain
Please explain

Felines with erect nipples perfume their pussycats
Hoping for the love of a rooster
Tell me cock "Why do you hurt me and break my heart?"
The cock answers "Pretty girls, pretty girls,
If you need love it is not through me for I am a fucker"
Track Name: Valley Of The Gods
Catch your monkey but save your feet
The energy is about to come
One million lifetimes ago mans thoughts began to bleed
Generations soon pass and endlessly we still wonder
Sink into me and let me breathe for today is like no other
My feeling is a feeling I cannot in words explain
I just wish you were here
Track Name: Dreams
Who do I owe the pleasure for this kingly feast?
Loving mother indian child
Rub noses with your baby
Angelic whisperings turned me on
Girl in distress maybe a prank
When the fourth sun rises I shall leave my labour and rest in the fruits of slumber until I feel strong
For tonight everything begins.
Time passes slowly with your loved ones behind
Now for you tomorrow waits for us.
Sometimes so hard on the soft wind was the dreams of the parted skies above.
Malibu blue jean lady I can see that your time is up
If you should know in the dark who you are
Maybe a superstar?
To the south she breathes and her breath is the snow capped fleet of dreaming birds
Skating the ocean for golden fish with emerald eyes
Are you really that surprised?
In the boys youth a dreaming took place
The days are new in the shallow water of our river beds
When freedom is but nothing in earth’s tormented skies I begin to think of where you are
Loneliness is now a part of our lives now I dream and find comfort in something afar
Track Name: I Am Dirty
Fuck you and your four leaf clover
All I saw was you bending over for her
And that don’t mean too much
When you trade your trust for the touch
Of a girl we learned to love
She lives just around the corner.
What was it that you did want?
I think you’re a fucking cunt and if it was up to me
I’d make you bleed profusively so you could see what you now mean to me
I thank you my good friend.

Comforted in pain, you’ll walk alone through the rain
And when you’re tired and worn
I won’t shelter you from the coming storm.
Take my shoulder I understand
But it may help me think if you lean on my lap
I need someone it’s true
What’s your name?
How about you?

When time walks she brings it out in us
What’s there left to say If you don’t know the words of loyalty and trust?

Full chamber, empty in me, I’m running low on empty, I’m struggling here can’t you see.
Everybody says they’re fine.
If I was half your picture, I’d put myself inside her
She’s wanting you to feel her
It’s now just a matter of time.

I shy away
Fuck this western way.

Sweep me
I am dirty
Befriend me or just hurt me
Track Name: What An Occasion!
Days turn into weeks
Turns into months
Turns into years
Time turns to tomorrow
Turns to forgotten
Turns to a brand new day

Look how you've grown
You'll be a woman soon and thats okay
Look how you've grown
You're no boy anymore
No more waiting

Pain, turns to yesterday
Turns to memory
Turns to a brand new day

Please take my hand
I was never quite there
Too lost in you

What an occasion!
A standing ovation
Received on entry in the land of desperation
They come to dance with me
I want to sit can't you see
No mood for dancing this mood of me
What an occasion!
A lasting devotion
Held with silent promise through the eyes of adoration
They come to dance with me
Now I can't sit can't you see
I'm in the mood for dancing this mood of me
Track Name: Grandmother Moon
Alsations transformed and slipped through a small space in the window
They mauled my body
My thoughts breathe it was a wound inflicted whilst bleeding
A passing road accident
Blood covered my lap and cuts tattooed themselves on my soft open skin
I survived

Passing dreams of the darkest kind
Test my strength of mind

God damn!
It only takes one man
To start the trouble

Circles by the thousands
Attack my head and overwhelm my mind
I wake in cold sweat
My thoughts believe it was a wound inflicted whilst sleeping
Running scared
I don't even know what I did
Where's my family?
There must be some way out of here
Track Name: Disturbed Forest
Self recluse, a terrible crash It came as expected
The question of now, why?
I become so entangled
In the branches of another world
Will we forget the one we're in?
Invent our own myths and start all over again

Plateau of thought let's me change
Some mountains reach higher
I wish not to endanger you
With a shuddering finale
If there is no heaven we'll invent our own
I don't need your approval to reach different depths
But thankyou for your honesty

So now you've got your information and you've made up your mind
As if you were ever going to turn me around
This is my choice so save your tears
You may need them in times to come
Track Name: Stormcloud
My forgivess is granted once again
For you my beloved rhythm keeping wolf runner
The feathers from your mind shall take to a westerly wind
and bring the storms wherever you shall raise your left hand and call to the great spirit for his mercy and power
For you my loyal apostle are the keeper and messenger of the clouds
that bring your worlds in the form of rolling spirits
Track Name: Evergone
Come bring your daylight to the shore and we'll play in the sand
The song it's the same as before
Always on my mind the time when the end was my friend
I know you know, we all know,
Remember I can when I sit to feel
I feel the air and something is coming

Coming it is, what?
I don't know?
I can feel the breath of the beast on my heart
Run, you cannot hide, no.
I will wait to look into the eyes of the moon
These cold thoughts so real
I feel in me, in you, the darkness rolling toward the hills
Take me with you
Take me I say,
For I have not lived today
Track Name: Election Day
Oh what a big parade,
Must be election day,
And when you said nobody’s going to change your mind,
Well you weren’t lying,
And when a hero’s called to save a sweet princess,
There’ll be 1025 men all pushing and fighting.

Psychotical flower,
Said I loved you in the 7th 2nd hour,
Like no other.

Well let me see,
What do I have me here,
It’s the 4th of June and sitting here,
Thinking and frying,
And when the vote is polled,
And you’re top of the heap,
There’ll be 1004 pretty girls,
All screaming and crying.

Love my girl,
She is my world,
Permanent colour,
Permanent thrills,
On the brown snake trail,
Moonlit tide,
She’s coming down,
Tonight we drown together.

Cloaks and daggers,
I’ve been watching on my television tv screen,
Do you know what I mean,
When I ask for a new beginning?
But it’s not all that bad,
In fact I’m kind of just a little glad,
Cause when all was done,
You were still there for me.

Penetration of the clouds,
Secret mansion don’t be too loud,
Twisted colours rolling in the sand,
Take my wisdom and I’ll be your man,
Miserable festivities,
Dampen the child’s fragile marrow,
Lurking women wavering to the sea,
Take my hand to the cemetery
Track Name: Pandora's Box
To but share but not to change
From our secret hideaway
We look to Pandora's box
To find illusions we can't touch
I came too
Blood rain plentiful agony
Short dressed kill Mr.Solomly
We now hear the rolling sea
That opens up the lonely shore
I've got one