The Alligator Festival

by The Meaning Of

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The Alligator Festival is the sophomore release from Australian band, The Meaning Of

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released February 16, 2008

Recorded by Adam Spark @ Loop Studios & Wing Command, Perth (Birds Of Tokyo)
Mixed by Forrester Savell @ The Base, Melbourne (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus)
Produced by The Meaning Of
Mastered by Martin Pullan @ Eden Sound, Melbourne
Distributed by MGM Distribution



all rights reserved


The Meaning Of Perth, Australia

Perth's best kept secret The Meaning Of bring a sonic bedlam full of diversity delivering bone crunching grooves, tribal percussion, stirring didgeridoo, ambience & memorable melodies creating their own distinct niche in the Australian rock landscape.

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Track Name: Sideshow Attraction

You’ve got to rise above it
Got to get around it
Work hard, work long or just forget it
It takes a whole lot of luck if your one that won’t suck
and if your the man, Ok
As if I give a fuck
I’m sorry I guess you know
So many hard yards stretchmarks now show
I’m not being bitter
I blame it on my ticker
I love what I do but the wall gets thicker
I’m ready to go
There’s danger I might blow
All this tension inside is ready to explode
Here comes the next wave of fashion
Whatever happened to the passion?
Music is fast becoming a fucking sideshow attraction
Who’s fucking who in this incestuous zoo
When to get to the top you have to suck the right cock
I booked some time with the doc
Cause this morning my heart it stopped
He said i needed to rest and to stop
But he got it going with a simple electric shock
Of promises broken and a door that won’t lock
Don’t believe what they’re telling you
When you can’t tell what is lies or truth
They’ll make you feel like they want you to
And take all that’s there for themselves
So here comes the next wave of fashion
Music is a sideshow attraction
It’s not about creation anymore
It’s the money you make and how much you will conform.
Track Name: Doing Life

You and me we were dancing to the rhythm and got a call
from the boy who calls himself a man
The chorus cries “Don’t blow me down, blow me down!”
Blow you down? No, Gonna sing and dance around the town
You are scared what we’re doing well it could be wrong
Let’s kill some time and go swimming in the billabong
You cry to me “Don’t throw me in, throw me in!”
Throw you in? No, I’m more worried with the state we’re in
Don’t worry little fella we can make it through
Even in the end if there’s only me and you
When we cry “What do we do?,Do we do”
Things will work out, well at least I hope and pray they do
For now we just have to take it in our stride
Sometimes up, sometimes down and sometimes to the side
And when they say “What are you doing with your life?”
Just say “Baby, I’m just doing life”
What are you doing and planning and playing and saying
I’m doing life
What were we thinking?
Why worry when there’s nothing you or me can say -
Too much time working, not enough time to play
You cry to me “Let’s run away, run away”
I’ve got a plan that will see us to a better day
My my you are such a pretty girl
You and me we can take off all around the world
And when you sing “Oh Romeo, Romeo”
Juliet my girl, do you like it fast or like it slow
Why stop when your body it just wants to move
Close your eyes, lose yourself and let your body groove
And when you ask “I really hope they play that song”
Play that song, yes, and all you here can sing and dance along
Relax, take your time, there’s no need to stress
Life’s to short, loosen up, don’t worry bout the mess
And when they say “What are you doing with your life?”
Just say “Baby, I’m just doing life”
Where are you going and knowing and being and seeing?
I’m doing life
What were we thinking?
Who are you dating and mating or even contemplating?
I’m doing life
What were we thinking?
Track Name: My Warm Lover

Deadlock your dress fine mirror lady
For I Feel like I could carry a tree 300 miles
And plant my own forest
With fine specimens from your pubic hair
Cupboards with perfectly round cocks
Paraded in the aisles of the wooden castle
And pillow makers cleaned my dirty pores
My warm lover
Tell me your name
I love you
Track Name: Morning Glory (Flow)

Scarborough Beach on a sunny day
I pulled my neck trying to look ten different ways
I’m like a puppy dog I just want to play
I wear a choker chain outside to make me try behave
Good god ! What is the story?
I’ve woken up rock hard with morning glory
You’re looking fine and damn I’m feeling horny
Gonna touch you in a way you simply can’t ignore me
Hey girl, are you looking for a hero?
Cause I’m a white knight with a run away libido
I like to fly where angels fear to go
I like to take my time, relax and go with the flow
You know for my girl
You know I’d do anything
The female body is a beautiful thing
To hear it purr and oh to hear it sing
And for you girl you know I’d do anything
Maybe a little bit of loving before we go to sleep
This is something you don’t forget in time
Track Name: Jonathan Plum

My name is Jonathan Plum
Da di da, da di dee, Da dee dum
Do you want to have some?
Do you want to?
Yes, I want to
He poked your apple and it hurt you
Now you feel he don’t deserve you
I’ve got good reason to give virtue
I am the one that you can turn to
How bout you give me some attention
And I can give you some affection
For you I might make an exception
You and me well we can make connections
Don’t shy, relax and just enjoy this
My my foxy lady you’ll adore this
Together baby we can make sweet bliss
Dance all night to the rhythm of the plum fist
Exhilarating, complicating, invigorating, fascinating and tantilating Sad, sad flower
Don’t know why you bother
You’re damaged beyond the hour
Nectar is sour
And why does it matter?
You’re forever protected from the crawling caterpillar
I don’t believe her
Oh how sweet, he loves her
Meet you at the station at a quarter to nothing
Trip of revelation
Turkey, chicken stuffing
President of the fruit men
Now he’s got you going
He prod you and he poked you
Now he’s got you humming
Da di da, Da di dum, Da di doo
Is this what’s best for you?
Long, long time ago in a land down yonder
Got the calling card
Started to wonder
“This is the seven o’clock news,
Tonights breaking news ... thousands have been plummed”
But I thought I was here to stay?
We all do
So let’s just have some fun
Come dance with the plum
I know you want to have some
Track Name: March Of The Humans

They say this is how you ought to live
I say live how you want to live
This is who you ought to be
I say be who you want to be
Sing like you can’t be heard
Dance like you can’t be seen
Do what you want to do
And say what you want to say
They say this is how you ought to look
I say look how you want to look
This how you ought to act
I say act how you want to act
Love like you can’t be hurt
Dream when your not asleep
Think what you want to think
And believe what you want to believe
This is what we’re all here for
I keep getting this feeling again
Temptation took the stand
And honesty made the call
Then jealousy and hate they tied you up
And shot you at the wall
Then loyalty came to save your day
And truth tried his hand against fear
Then greed and envy got their claws in you
And pumped poison in your ears
This is all real
Now we all look for a sign
A touch of faith or reasons why
And if you’re after belief well join the line
For a better world for you and I
For a better world
Be true to yourself
Protect the ones you love
Your life is your life
So do it your own way
Well sloth he sat you down
Where gluttony was there at home
Then you woke with lust tempting you
On the late night telephone
Anger led you to the wall
And pride then led the charge
Now personal growth and tolerance
Will only lead you in this dark
March of the humans arise
The time has come to see each others eyes
It won’t grow from the ground or fall from the sky
It’s all about respect for life
For a better world
Track Name: For You

Well it keeps getting faster
We were talking about this just the other day
And times I forget now to remember
When you remind me it seemed like only yesterday
And life
Well we’re both getting older
Around the corner who knows just what we’re going to find
And you
My warm sweet lover
You are always on my mind
My blood is your blood
I’d die for you
Well it brought us together
A tragedy found comfort in our company
And then all the years we’ve spent together
I’m going to love you forever and eternity
And now
Well we’re both not getting younger
And now we have our own little family
And you
My best friend and lover
You are always on my mind
My blood is your blood
I’d die for you
My life is your life
I live for you
Well we spend it now together
You know I remember every little thing
Of times and tears and of laughter
You know I’d walk around the world and back again
For you
You’re my girl
You know I try my best to give you what you need
And if I could start life all over
You know I wouldn’t change a thing
I can’t imagine life without you
You know I’d do anything for you
Track Name: You Are You And Me Is Me

Six billion people in the world today
Each one of us trying to make our own way
It’s too easy to wonder and stray
What with constant problems and constant change
Do you really think there’s one up stairs?
One who listens, who looks, who cares
We don’t even know what’s up there
Maybe we should concentrate on what’s down here
You tell me that there is just one god
Which one god do you now speak of?
So many religions claiming that they are right
And willing to die and mame and struggle and fight
Precious life wrapped in fragility
Being forever remembered is the closest man can get to immortality Always seeing who can climb the bigger tree
Let’s just say you are you and me is me
I cannot breathe
I cannot feel
I cannot be what you’re always hoping me to be
Everybody has different possibilities
Track Name: The Alligator Festival

You say that the weight is falling down on us
Hello death
His warm smile touched my lips
Has my time come ? I asked solemnly
White pockets dance like pond skaters on the glass table
The smoothness of her breasts seeped my fingertips
And made me live again
Snowball kingdom let me pass
And I will grant you the promise of my fear
You will not be forgotten
A single light shone to my bare hands
She spoke softly
Here I am
I’m tempting fate again
It’s not my time
Don’t want this to be the end
Put me down
This is the last place I want to be
Can you help me like I helped you ?
Can you guide me now you’ve gone through ?
Will you be there every part of the way
Because we carry you with us everywhere, everyday
And it helps me to remember
Who then said it would fall
Welcome to my chocolate house !
We have sultanas and we keep them cool and keep them dry
The boy in the fridge got the summer flu
The alligator festival
Crocodile meat and goannas eyes fed on the labia of the silver light We awaited
Our anxiety brought the anticipation
When will we meet again ?
Well it’s hard to say
Why did it end this way my brother and my friend ?
I think of you and I lose my way
Try to think of better days
But it’s so hard
Are you awake ?
Wake up
What is it ?
Are you ok ?
I don’t know
I just don’t feel right
You came
You saw
You conquered them all
Deep inside now.
Track Name: There Was No Green Light

It makes you feel sick in the stomach
To think of what could have happened
But it sinks to somewhere inside
To make up some kind of lesson
Fear sent shivers as messengers
As I looked death in the face
His expressionless face turned away
And we were saved
I stood there motionless
Not knowing whether to collapse or rejoice
And all I could focus on was the sound of your voice
Your sweet voice
Did you know I loved you?
No, nothing’s wrong
Sometimes we don’t say this enough
What if
What’s this?
It’s beautiful, like this day
We’re all alive
Not deprived
Small pictures become nothing
And the big one never leaves
But unlike the breeze, we won't be back
I’m thankful I know you
Even more thankful that I love you
And you love me
So how can this be?
It just happens
Track Name: One Person

You may only be one person in the world
But you may be the world to one person
So this is where I came to be
Well not exactly what I once did see
You don’t say
Life is nice until it crushes you into a fine paste and spreads you on burnt toast and eats you for breakfast, lunch and dinner
You don’t say
I can’t believe the need to feed my hope and belief to save me jumping in the river
You don’t say
You grew up to find there is no thing as piece of mind and life is there to live and die
So what’s the point ?
Is there a why ?
This is the only reason you’ll ever need to stand and fight
One person
One reason
One true meaning
One everything
I’m running out of breath
I need a little rest
You don’t say
Things change
Then one little thing it comes along to change the way you feel
I love you
You look at life through different eyes and everyday’s a new suprise You’ll see
I am your strength
Your armour
Your protection
And your love is the only reason I’ll ever need to stand and fight
Just one reason
Track Name: The World Got In The Way

Don’t give me your life story
Just a simple yes or no eliminates my worry
Now wait there
You don’t have to save the world for me
Just let me know when you’ll be there
Relieve me
The world got in the way
Father time
He took a dear loved one from me
Now luck just goes as it pleases
And this time it comes around
This you owe me
How could I forget
About this whole damn industry
When what you love is what you live for
And they choose the ones who breathe
Who am I ?
Who are you ?
Who are we ?
What’s your name ?
What do you do ?
Can you set me free ?
What was that ?
Who is there ?
Track Name: Art Of Persuasion

What are we doing from here?
To where are we going ?
I listen
Timing is everything
I can’t stop myself from staring
I just like the way you look
My pulse is racing
Who knows where it will take us
Too many hours lost sleeping
Don’t you worry about uncertain times ahead
My confidence is growing
Your cause is waning
What do you want to do ?
I thought so
I knew it was true
Don’t you worry about uncertain times ahead
Just worry about what matters most
Can’t you see that it is you that I want
It is you I want to be keeping close
Stop your worry about things that have not yet been
You’re coming home
Come home with me
We’re going home
Home we must be
So on to home
Home you and me
Let me now see
Persuasion’s the key.
Track Name: When I Wake Up Everything Will Be The Way It Was

Things have changed
It’s not like yesterday
Because today you were taken away
Now we must be strong
All that’s left is for us to carry on
And things will never be the same
And when you wake up everything will be the way it was
When I woke this morning things had taken a turn for the worse
And they had changed
My life it had rained
As it all came flooding back to me again
I am numb and it hurts to feel
We have to learn to live with it because we will never properly heal
In a haze
Surreal mindset
Don’t think that it’s really hit me yet
We will never forget you
The way you danced and the way you moved
I don’t believe in god
And I don’t believe in a heaven
What ?!
You don’t think that I want to pray and be saved by divine intervention - I have dents in my hope
And I’m losing my faith
The sparks in my eyes
Are being slowly replaced.