"We Are The Fire, We Are The Earth"

by The Meaning Of

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The new 4 track EP taken from The Meaning Of's final installment, "In Elementa" due later this year

Released 20June 2014
Recorded by Andy Lawson @ Debaser Studios, Perth
Mixed by Andy Lawson @ Debaser Studios & Blackbird Studios, Perth
Produced by The Meaning Of & Andy Lawson
Mastered by Tom Coyne @ Sterling Sound NYC


released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


The Meaning Of Perth, Australia

Perth's best kept secret The Meaning Of bring a sonic bedlam full of diversity delivering bone crunching grooves, tribal percussion, stirring didgeridoo, ambience & memorable melodies creating their own distinct niche in the Australian rock landscape.

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Track Name: Loss Of Eden

We co-exist in a layer of paint
The skies turning black still there's no restraint
Then you say
I don't believe it's true
The final minute is upon us all
And greed my friend has led us to the fall

You can't ignore this anymore

Why do you look so sad?
Yes it's true
Life would be so bad
Without you
We are all we have
You know it's true
We should hold on to that

Can't you see it's time for change
The problem is not in the hearing
It's in the listening
We are the fire
We are the earth

We live on a planet called economy
And the help is reactive if it starts to bleed
It's man made
Have we all lost our minds
At what point do we count the cost
And what do we do when our eden's lost

You don't care
Refuse to see
And it's all going to happen after I die
But look at who
Then follows you
Looks up to you
With innocence in their eyes
Track Name: Alive

This is for the one's who can't believe
The one's who can't stop the bleed
Looking for a little faith
I was down and I was out
Out for the whole count
Watching it fade away

But if it's what you love
Wouldn't you just do it anyway

If it makes you feel alive
I feel alive
You are my life
With you I feel alive

I know it's hard just to be strong
When the nights are restless
And the days are long
I know
And I know just what your going to say
That life keeps getting in the way
Of what we want

Life's not there to be surrendered
And you need to sit and remember when
The fire was burning and get it back again
You need to try
You know we've all had our troubles
And we've all had our hard times
We've been knocked down
And we've all asked the question why
Not what it takes just to survive
But what it is that makes you feel alive
So alive
I feel alive
Track Name: Wrong Side Of The Morning

My belief is now your bullet
You've got the reason now to use it
We don't want your violence
Can't you pray in silence?
No, fuck you, thank you very muchly
Don't you come near or dare now touch me
We don't want your kind
We don't even like your kind


I plant the bomb inside your bedroom
It won't be long until you're gone soon
I once knew the father
He blessed me just after
You want to be the fucker?
I want to be the fucker
We all want to be the fucker
Won't settle for any less or any other


I am just a slave, don't know what to say
What a fucking life, what a fucking day
I got factory back just the other day
What a fucking life, what a fucking day

Ruby stones and emeralds
Water shines on the diamond pearls
The ship does sail through the sea
Over bridges and right through me

I woke up today, what more can I say
Well then sun is in the air and children want to play
I've been feeling kinda good since the other day
And it's great to be alive, well what more can I say

Come out and show your pretty face
I know you have a pretty face
Disgrace? There's no disgrace
Show your face

The ocean lies asleep as the land wakes at dawn
I woke up on the wrong side of the morning
Where darkness awaited me but a star shone
My eye collapsed and the day begun
Track Name: Murder You

Take my demons
I don't wish to see them here
Despite what you're thinking
They speak and they are real
Take my burden
He won't stop touching me
Trapped in to one way thinking
I've forgotten how to feel

Drink you're devil's blood
And say what you have to say
I'm to murder you
Can't be another way
Tell me how you feel
When you're alone
I wish I took my time
But I can't wait that long

I thank my demons
They walk with me everyday
They help me see things
When life gets in the way
Take the living
They're all just devils and dust
Doing what they have to
Doing what it is they must

Had you read my mind
You would be just fine
Everything could have been alright
But you missed all the signs
Now it's then end of the line
And now is the time